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Strange Dark Days of Dogs in Space is based off the 1957 launch of the canine, Laika and the training of canine cosmonauts. The Russians sent her into orbit to see if a living being could survive in space. Stray dogs were taken off the streets, trained, tested, and ultimately Laika was chosen to be the dog to make history.

Now, you have the chance to make history. Will you be chosen for space travel?

Made for:

The team:

Joseph Arcidiacono-Producer
Eric Anumba-Programmer
Mike Loomis-Programmer
Rebecca Anisman-Designer
Cameron Bolinger-Lead Designer
Jim Inziello-Artist
Tony Bagsby (not pictured)-Artist
Erica Holcomb-Creative Director
Nicholas Gaudette-Sound Engineer
Veronika Rudyka (not pictured)-Voice Talent


Strange Dark Days of Dogs in Space.zip 90 MB


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Hello there,

I noticed your game on itch.io and I became really interested once I read through it. As a YouTuber, I was wondering if I could make a video out of your game?

Have a nice day!

^ . ^